Congress will take place in a small and reasonably priced congress centre "Krystal" that includes a hotel where congress participants are expected to stay. Early registration is recommended; from other hotels, which are accessible by tram, it would be difficult to participate in the whole congress programme. Sharing bedroom (two separate beds) with another person reduces the cost. Breakfast (served since 7:00) is included and it is possible to get a take-away breakfast package if requested one day in advance at hotel reception. Warm lunches (choice between one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian meal will be available) will be served to congress participants on Aug. 17-20. Congress registration includes welcome party on Aug. 16 and farewell dinner on Aug. 19. The afternoon of Aug. 19 will be free for a city tour.

How to get around

Money exchange is possible at the airport. The exchange rate for Czech crowns (CZK) is available here.

The congress centre is conveniently located in the area with good access to the city centre as well as to the airport. Bus and tram stops are nearby and most connect to the terminal of the subway line A (Dejvicka station). The trams and the subway contain charts of the routes and are therefore easy to use; most buses display only the name of the next stop. Subway is the preferred means of transport and will take you to the downtown and castle, within walking distance from the places you may want to visit. Public transportation is comfortable and reliable but be aware of the pickpockets. Be aware, taxi drivers may cheat and charge high prices.

Public transport

Several tickets valid for all public transport are available. To travel just a few stops (less than 20 minutes on bus/tram; or less than 5 stops on subway and herewith less than 30 minutes), you need a ticket for 18 CZK (Czech crowns or Kč), for longer distances (75 min travel time) and unlimited transfers you must use a ticket for 26 Kč (about 1 €). This ticket should be used to travel to the congress centre from the airport or the railway station. Tickets can be bought at most newspaper stands or from automatic machines (you need coins). Mark the ticket in a small puncher when entering the subway station or boarding a tram or bus. Time is counted from this marking, no other punching is needed. It is advisable to exchange money and buy a few tickets upon arrival. If you plan to stay in Prague longer and travel around, it is worthwhile to buy a long-term ticket.

More information on Prague public transport and tickets available on

Bus service from the airport to city centre.

Arrival by plane

Taxi is most convenient but the cost will be 15-20 € (order taxi at a booth inside the arrival hall). With a public transport ticket (available at the information stands) for about 1 € you can travel by bus No. 119 to the stop Divoká Šárka that is at the end station of trams. From there you take tram (No. 36) and travel 2 stops to the station Nad Džbánem. From there you will walk in the same direction about 150 m until you see on the right side a tall building (with a low garage wing) of the congress centre.

Arrival by train

There are several stations you can arrive at but all are connected by the subway that will bring you to the terminal of line A (Dejvická station). There from you will take tram No. 36 in the direction Divoká Šárka and travel cca 11-15 min. (8 stops) to the stop Nad Džbánem. Upon disembarking you will walk about 150 m in the direction where you came from and see on your right hand side a tall building (with a low garage wing) of the congress centre.

Arrival by car

Congress centre is located on a small street that branches off the avenue Evropská třída. On a small hill on this avenue there is an OMW petrol station from where you can see the congress centre about 150 m away. Free open-air parking is available in front of the hotel, garage parking is charged.

Address for the purpose of GPS use: J. Martího 2/407, 162 00 Prague 6 - Veleslavín

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Telephone is in your room and can be used on your own expense. Fax can be sent from the hotel reception and internet connection is available free of charge in the reception hall via Wi-Fi technology.

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